VIDEO. Rare BMW 1600 Neue Klasse. Petrolicious

We love a good owner’s story here, and this one from Petrolicious is no exception.

Petrolicious Jim Huff BMW 1600-5

“This car wasn’t built for speed. Mainly to handle really well”.

Brief but inspiring words by owner Jim Huff on this rare BMW 1600 Neue Klasse, the star of the latest Petrolicious instalment. Said Bimmer features a 2.0-litre dual forty weber carb engine, revised suspension and bigger brakes.

The 1600 Neue Klasse was named for BMW’s new class of cars, in a bid to become a success before any potential takeover from Mercedes. This model then led to the company’s success in touring car racing. It’s no garage or trailor queen, either. “This car gets used in several ways. It does highway runs – it even gets driven on the back roads of California quite a bit,” Jim explains.

Source – Petrolicious and Jeremy Heslup

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