VIDEO. Porsche Carrera GT v 918 Spyder

A drag race a decade in the making.


People often tell you that the old ways are the best. Why complicate things that were perfectly good, they’ll ask?

That’s a view worth keeping in mind when watching this video. When the Porsche Carrera GT was released in 2004, it was a monster; a mid-engined supercar voted as one of the greatest of all time, spewing out 600bhp from its 5.7-litre V10.

A decade later came its spiritual successor, the Porsche 918 Spyder, boasting a V8 engine with a similar amount of power and in a similar location, but with the added torque of an electric motor. “Pah,” spat the naysayers, “it’s extra weight. Who wants that?”.

Take a look at this drag race between the two, and see whether or not the luddites were onto something.

Source: Exclusivos no Brasil

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