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DriveTribe’s Jethro Bovingdon takes the new Porsche 911 GT3 on-track and on the road to see how it compares with not only the old GT3, but also the 911 R

Engine Power Torque 0-100kph Top speed Weight Basic price
Straight-six boxer, 3996cc 493bhp @ 8250rpm 460Nm (347lb ft) @ 6000rpm 3.4 secs 318kph 1430kg (345bhp/ton) TBC

“Is this car just a 911 R with a wing? Is it better than the 911 R? Or is it just too concerned with going fast? We know it’s so good on the track already, but maybe that’s what it’s all about.”

Those of you keen to see DriveTribe’s thoughts on the new Porsche 911 GT3 (unveiled this year at Geneva) haven’t had to wait long since the ‘Bring the noise’ teaser (seriously, check that out first, you won’t regret it).

After a quick squirt on-track, Jethro Bovingdon steps away from the circuit – the natural stomping ground for the GT3 – and takes a slightly-tentative spin across the Yorkshire dales to see whether that track-honed suspension, revised aerodynamics, and new 493bhp 4-litre naturally-aspirated six-cylinder translates well in the real world too. According to Jethro, it’s off to a good start…

“Well it definitely isn’t just an R with a wing, for quite a few reasons. Firstly the steering is much heavier than in the R, which is really hyper-reactive. Just like on the track, it’s the engine that really separates this engine. 

“It shares so much with the race car, and you really feel that. The torque, when you get on the throttle, is beyond the old 4-litre engine. The character at the top end, you get the change earlier so you get that real scream from just over 6000rpm rather than 7000rpm. So the engine is better. End of.”

  • Full technical specifications available on page 2

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