VIDEO. Onboard a six-wheeled F1 car. Monaco ’77

We’re feeling retro today, so step aboard the infamous six-wheeled Tyrrell P34B for a spin around Monaco in 1977.

Patrick Depailler Tyrrell P34B Monaco 1977 02

There have been faster laps around the Monaco Grand Prix circuit. There have been more famous laps of the Monaco Grand Prix circuit (Aryton Senna’s ’89 qualifying lap springs to mind). And there have certainly been more action-packed laps of the Monaco Grand Prix circuit (take your pick from the ’96 race). There have though been few laps of the Monaco Grand Prix circuit that have ever looked this good.

The driver is Frenchman Patrick Depailler, two-time Grand Prix winner, at the wheel of the infamous Tyrrell P34B. Thanks to an ingenious – and, we’re assuming, pretty rickety – camera rig, we can see just what it takes to drive a six-wheeled Formula 1 car around one of the most legendary circuits in the world.

Rather fittingly, though he would retire from the ’77 race, Depailler would secure his first Grand Prix victory just one year later at the principality.

 Source – RacingSport34. Hat tip to Daniel Griggs



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