McLaren’s past (and future?)

A blast from the past (and surreal future) for McLaren and Formula 1.

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Following another wretched weekend for McLaren-Honda in Monaco, and given that the former two-time Formula 1 World Champion recently took Ayrton Senna’s legendary MP4/4 from 1988 for a spin around the Catalunya circuit in Barcelona, Fernando Alonso could easily be forgiven for wishing he’d raced during the great late Brazilian’s era. And let’s not forget Ferrari’s bittersweet return to form so soon after Alonso gave his pink slip.

Now for those of you haven’t seen Alonso and teammate Jenson Button in ‘Don’t Crack Under Pressure’, we heartily encourage you to give it a go. Sure it’s a bit TAG-Heuer marketing heavy but to see the greatest of one generation driving the car of another is not to be missed. And, since we’re in a render kind of mood today, it also gave us an idea.

The below, should F1 regulations be massively overhauled in the next 36 hours, could be the answer to McLaren’s issues. Designed by Jihoon Seo, in the spirit of the Adrian Newey-designed Red Bull X2014 for Gran Turismo 6, the MP4-36J is amongst the most awesome F1 ‘designs’ we’ve ever seen (even if, granted, it’s been around for a little while now). One can only wonder how this beast would look around Barcelona or Monaco with one of these legendary names behind the wheel. We can but dream

*Shots courtesy of Jihoon Seo

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