VIDEO. New motorbike burnout Guiness World Record set

We at crankandpiston don’t discriminate; if it has a motor, we love it – so check out this video of a new motorbike burnout record being set!

Victory Motorcycles Octane 01

Victory Motorcyles has set a new motorbike burnout record of 2.23 miles (3.59km) with its new 2017 Octane. Victory stunt team member Joe Dryden gained the Guinness World Record, the rear tyre suffering close to 4km of burn before finally bursting. The Octane has a 1,179cc V-twin engine, complete with dual overhead cams and comes mated to a six-speed gearbox. It produces 104bhp and 76lb ft of torque.

If you’re into burning rubber then this is definitely worth a watch – we know there’s nothing like that smell, though, or walking away with tyre in your hair. Unfortunately, you’ll just have to imagine those!

Source – Victory Motorcycles

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