VIDEO. New Mercedes E-Class unveiled ahead of Detroit Motor Show

Yes! Mercedes has finally pulled the covers off the new Mercedes E-Class, after giving us a teaser of the interior last November.

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Mercedes has unveiled the new E-Class model, ahead of the 2016 Detroit Motor Show.

The 10th generation of its mid-level sedan adds new safety technology alongside a completely redesigned interior with new horizontal lines giving the feeling of space, clever lighting and a completely new display. A touch-sensitive steering-wheel also allows the driver to access all parts of the infotainment system without moving more than a thumb.

The overall size of the vehicle hasn’t changed much, but the wheelbase is up by 2.6inches, resulting in increased room to the inside.

But, where it gets really cool is the new optional Drive Pilot system; semi-autonomous technology, which enables the car to follow traffic up to 130mph. It even change lanes for you; if you hold your indicator down for two seconds.

The model follows recent updates to the S-Class and C-Class.

Source – Mercedes-Benz

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