VIDEO. Drifting the new McLaren Super Series on-track

McLaren chief test driver Chris Goodwin drifts the new Super Series on-track ahead of its Geneva Motor Show debut

McLaren has released behind the scenes footage of the car that will replace its 650S coupe. The new Super Series model, the first-ever second generation sports car from McLaren, also marks the arrival of a new 4-litre ‘M840T’ derivation twin-turbo V8, a move away from the 3.8-litre ‘M838T’ unit that has powered every McLaren road car since the 12C

Revised twin-scroll turbochargers help reduce turbo lag and offer quicker throttle response, and while power and torque figures have yet to be announced – though they are expected to lie somewhere between the 650S’ 641bhp and the 675LT’s 666bhp – Woking has confirmed that the new Super Series will hit the standing quarter mile in 10.3 seconds. If you’d like some context, the same distance in the 650S takes 10.5 seconds, 10.45 seconds in the 675LT. Nippy then, the new boy.

The video though focuses primarily on the Super Series’ manoeuvrability, chief test driver Chris Goodwin – our interview with whom you can check out HERE – putting the new model through its paces. Pirelli has developed a bespoke set of P-Zero boots that help increase mechanical grip by 6 percent, lighter and stiffer brake calipers and carbon ceramic-ceramic discs mean deceleration to standstill from 200kph takes just 4.5 seconds, and 116m (compared with 123m for the 650S and 115m in the performance-focused 675LT).

Enjoy this McLaren Super Series behind the scenes video?

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