VIDEO. New Jaguar XE set to rival BMW 3 Series

Jaguar reveals the new XE that will take on the BMW 3 Series.


Think of a rival for the BMW 3 Series and you’re mind – we assume at least – goes to the Audi A4, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class and latterly the Lexus IS. But Jaguar? Until now the boys in Coventry haven’t set foot on Bavarian turf. Note that: until now.

This is the Jaguar XE, the mid-size saloon the marque been teasing since unveiling the C-X17 SUV concept and is set to be ‘the most advanced, efficient and refined sports sedan in its class’. That presumably will have a lot to do with Jaguar’s aluminium architecture about which we grilled some of the company’s more illustrious designers last year. Take a good look at this grille too, since the XE will be hitting production with the view to a global rollout in 2015.

Performance figures, aside from a teased 300kph top speed, are still a little thin, the only confirmation being that power will be provided ‘by engines with a wide range of capacities and output’. We assume that’s Jaguar speak for the already established 3.0-litre V6, or the 5.0-litre supercharged V8 that currently powers the earth-spanking XFR-S Sportbrake and Range Rover Sport.

Full details will be unveiled later in the year. But be warned BMW. The British are coming.

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