444hp Ford Mustang vs 36hp go-kart at Laguna Seca

444hp Ford Mustang goes head-to-head with a 36hp CR125 Honda go-kart around Laguna Seca. Who wins?

Ford-Mustang-Boss-302-Laguna-Seca-edition-CR125-Honda -race

What happens when you pit a 444hp Ford Mustang against a 36hp shifter go-kart around the infamous Laguna Seca circuit? It’s a walk-over for the Mustang right? Brute force and demonic pace on the straights, the kart doesn’t stand a chance.

Eventually the $48,000 2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca edition knocked a 1m 41.06 second laptime out of the park. And the $3000 CR125 Honda go-kart? Check out the on-board footage from both cameras to see how it fared.

Either way, the guy in the go-kart must have some enormous cajones. This just looks terrifying!

Source – Jason Bell

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