VIDEO. Mercedes-AMG. ‘Something fast is coming’

Mercedes-AMG launches teaser trailer for…well, we’re not sure

Mercedes-AMG GT Something Fast is Coming 02

“Something fast is coming”

Yep, that’s all we’ve got to go on with the latest teaser clip from Mercedes-AMG.

Well, actually, no. There are a few other things we could pull together from the below clip. Firstly, given the layout, the video seems to have been shot at Hockenheimring, so at least we’ve been given the chance to see it despite the cancellation of this year’s Formula 1 German Grand Prix. Secondly, given that the both the AMG GT and the race-spec AMG GT3 have both already been launched, we suspect the newboy will be a balls-out, slightly mental version of the ‘base’ road-going model, a concept we find both tantalising and terrifying in equal measure.

And thirdly, we assume this teaser was launched in Germany after the watershed, since there’s no way a soundtrack as spectacularly dirty as that could be released before nightfall.

Stand by for more details. Oh, and our test drive of the AMG GT S on home turf. Coming soon…

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