VIDEO. Mercedes AMG GT teased

Mercedes AMG teases the all-new GT. And gets creative with Photoshop.


A new video from Mercedes AMG (no Benz, remember) shows the all-new AMG GT stretching its muscles on what appears to be the famed Nürburgring, accompanied by a deafening V8 soundtrack. Well, in snippets anyway. For the majority of the sub-1 min teaser clip, we are told ‘This is what you get’ and are given a brief insight into the new GT’s focus: turns out it’s ‘to go quite fast’. Funny that…

Along with the video, a dark teaser image has also arisen. Throw in a little Photoshop – you remember our Koenigsegg work – reduce the shadows a little, and you have a very prominent silhouette.

Although a potential rival to the Porsche 911 Carrera, we’re guessing performance for the AMG GT will end up being not too dissimilar to the established SL, albeit with that all-important AMG grunt.

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