VIDEO. McLaren P1 GTR meets F1 GTR

McLaren’s latest GT track car meets its most legendary as the P1 GTR and F1 GTR take a few synchronized laps at Oulton Park.

McLaren F1 GTR meets P1 GTR

One week ahead of the P1 GTR’s debut at the Geneva Motor Show, McLaren treats us to another mouth-watering morsel. Only this time it’s a video including the F1 GTR – the car that swept the 24 Hours of Le Mans podium two decades ago – going toe-to-toe with its Woking’s newest track incarnation, the P1 GTR.

Filmed at Oulton Park in the UK, the video also stars – we assume – McLaren’s chief test driver Chris Goodwin in the F1 GTR hot seat, boasting the iconic yellow and green Harrods livery as used by chassis #06R on its way to third place at the ’95 Le Mans. A colour scheme mirrored by the P1 GTR, and one wonders if McLaren’s newboy will reserve a similar place in motor racing history…

The $3.2m 903 bhp McLaren P1 GTR – available to only 30-35 lucky (and extremely wealthy) customers worldwide and which made its Dubai debut late last year – will make its debut in Geneva alongside the brand new 675LT.

Source – McLaren Automotive

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