THROWBACK THURSDAY. On-board McLaren F1 GTR. Anderstorp ’96

THROWBACK THURSDAY. McLaren continues its celebration of the F1 GTR ’s 1996 BPR Global GT Series championship win with on-board footage at Anderstorp Raceway.

Another day, another retro McLaren F1 GTR video for this week’s Throwback Thursday (other examples of which you can find HERE). Now we know that over the past couple of months we’ve perhaps gone a little overboard with the F1 GTR videos, especially for those amongst you who enjoy variety in your daily automotive reading.

Having said that, this is still a 600bhp 6-litre BMW V12-powered McLaren F1 GTR being driven to the extreme by some of the best drivers in the world, during which you’re invited to jump on-board. So if you do have an issue with the amount of McLaren POV has been posting as of late, you’re invited to mention our ineptitude in the comments below. Which we’ll then promptly ignore. Because, it’s a McLaren F1 GTR at speed, what the hell is the matter with you?!

This week’s addition comes from the Anderstorp Raceway, site of the Formula 1 Swedish Grand Prix from 1973 to 1978 before the death of local boys Ronnie Peterson and Gunnar Nillson that same year dried up support for the event. Anoraks may also remember Anderstorp though for two unorthodox debut grand Prix victories, the first being Tyrrell’s six-wheeled P34 triumph in 1976, and Brabham’s ‘fan car’ BT46B win in its only F1 start in 1978. Motor racing would continue at the event after F1’s departure, the Swedish motorcycle Grand Prix taking place from 1971 to 1990 (including a four-year hiatus), while the World Sportscar Championship would also return under the FIA GT Championship banner in 2002 and 2003.

Anderstorp was also the site of the first non-McLaren victory of the 1996 BPR Global GT Series season, the #27 Ennea Igol-entered Ferrari F40 GTE edging the four McLaren F1 GTRs that would complete the top five. The above video places you just over the left shoulder of 1989 British Touring Car Champion James Weaver in the #2 Gulf Racing entry as he dices with several Porsche 911 GT2 and a Lotus Esprit V8 before finally taking mercy and squashing their chance of a top three position with a bootful of V12 fury and a hilarious amount of opposite lock. You’ll definitely want to check out 1m 58s for that…

Enjoy our McLaren F1 GTR video at Anderstorp?

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