VIDEO. 740bhp Lamborghini Aventador S. Dare you ego

Lamborghini challenges us to dare our ego with a new, only slightly sociopathic promotional video for the new 740bhp Lamborghini Aventador S

Say what you will about the newly styled Aventador S – and God knows, people have done – you can’t say it doesn’t offer presence, gopping front air intake or otherwise. We do wonder though if Lamborghini has gotten a little carried away with its latest video. 

Its new ‘dare your ego’ teaser starts with our chiselled-jawed protagonist quite literally burning all memories of his previous life – a not too subtle metaphor about the Aventador’s now retired previous generation – before walking out of, what we can only assume to be, the most awkward key-swapping party to have ever-graced a murder mystery weekend. Said protagonist and his almost heroically chiselled jaw (seriously, he could probably cut diamond) then heads for the hills in as feisty a manner as possible, not difficult in a 740bhp Italian supercar.

That’s not the bit that draws our attention though, as good a job as that revised V12 soundtrack does. No, it’s actually the voiceover, done with dramatic, dulcet tones and using phrases like “when your ego meets mine you’ll find the most powerful version of both” and “those who speak of ego as a disorder have never cultivated their own”. All designed to make chiselled jaw sound either mildly sociopathic, or a bit of a prat.

So, just…yeah, just try to look past the almost competitive levels of testosterone and self-assurance, and focus instead on that stunning soundtrack. They’re be plenty of time to looking pityingly in the mirror afterwards…

Enjoy this Lamborghini Aventador S video?

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