VIDEO. KTM 450 EXT Vs. Datsun 240Z Rally Car. EVO

Another Car Vs. Bike battle from evo featuring a KTM 450 EXT against a Datsun 240Z. Wait, what?

Datsun 240Z

This car Vs. bike battle from evo is a little bit different. This is no super car Vs. super bike in a straight line shootout down the strip. This is part on-track and part off-road with tarmac, gravel and even a jump standing in the way of victory between two very different machines.

Representing the two-wheeled corner is a KTM 450 EXT which is apparently a nice piece of kit if you like that type of thing. And in the four-wheeled corner? Well, that would be an awesome Safari Rally-prepared Datsun 240Z.

Place your bets.

Source – EVO

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