VIDEO. Holden HSV Maloo GTS. Chris Harris

Chris Harris goes native in Australia, taking the HSV Maloo GTS – a ludicrously powerful ute – for a few slides.


Over in Australia, the locals have a deep-seated love for the ute – basically a pick-up truck designed around a road car. They’re practical, and they’re pretty cool – especially when they have close to 600bhp, as is the case with this, the Holden HSV Maloo GTS.

Chris Harris, he of going sideways on the internet, went on holiday to Australia and took a day out of his schedule to sample the HSV Maloo GTS around the Sydney Motorsport Park circuit. It seems, thanks to its 6.2-litre V8 engine and a propensity for big smokey drifts, that he enjoyed it a great deal.

Source: Chris Harris on Cars

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