VIDEO. Dubai Police McLaren 650S vs drone

Dubai police McLaren 650S goes head-to-head across Dubai with a high-performance drone…don’t worry, it’s meant to be weird…

World Drone Prix McLaren 650S vs Drone 01

It’s difficult to describe this video without sounding sarcastic, but what happens when you take a supercar from the Dubai police fleet and race it against a high-performance drone through a series of light gates ripped straight from a game of Burnout? You get some insane shots and a typically upbeat electro soundtrack.

There’s more to this video though than a bad acid trip. While the subliminal ‘speed kills’ message is a little hard to decipher, the video has actually been produced to celebrate the arrival of World Drone Prix in Dubai. On 11-12 March, professional drone pilots will compete for one of only 32 qualification spots, ahead of a tournament to crown one overall winner.

We’re not sure if the qualification round will include a head-to-head race with a McLaren 650S, but hey, we like to dream…

Source – World Drone Prix

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