VIDEO. Drifting. The cure for everything. Drive

Happiness is a sideways car.


Drive host Mike Musto is pretty handy behind the wheel of a car. He’s raced for years. But he’s never drifted, and he’s terrified at the prospect.

But as this awesome film shows, there’s no need to be scared – drifting is perhaps the most fun you can have behind the wheel, especially when you’re controlling more than 400bhp and it doesn’t matter if you scrape the paintwork.

Mike heads down to the Sonoma Raceway in California and gets a lesson in drifting from Chris Fillipi. And within moments, Mike is laughing hysterically. It seems if you want to drive the blues away, don’t do drugs – do drifting.

(The more sensitive readers should be aware that there’s a bit of casual swearing in the video, so don’t watch at work!)

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