VIDEO. Chris Harris on the Ferrari 488 GTB

Chris Harris takes the new turbocharged Ferrari 488 GTB for a spin.

Chris Harris Ferrari 488 GTB

At this year’s Geneva Motor Show, Ferrari threw the silks off its new 488 GTB, its replacement to the established – and well-respected – 458 Italia. And surprise surprise, Chris Harris has been putting it to the test on-track at Fiorano.

First up are a few hotlaps with Ferrari’s official test driver Raffaele De Simone, who also gave our deputy editor the shock of his life when we tested the Speciale at Fiorano a couple of years ago. Of course this being a Ferrari, there’s more than just the drive to discuss. There’s the new look, its predecessor’s heritage, and an awful lot of (incredibly complicated) technological wizardry, designed to make the 488 GTB handle like a beast. Life’s too short to go into explicit detail about the Slip Slide Control so keep your ears peeled…

Amongst the most notable talking points is the new 670hp turbocharged 4-litre V8, the death knell – as we found out with the California T not too long ago – of naturally aspirated Ferrari engines. And yes, Chris has a few words to say on that subject too…

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