VIDEO. BMW 2002 tuned by Clarion. SmokingTire

Drive channel and Matt Farah’s SmokingTire team take a Clarion Builds BMW 2002 for a spin.

What better time to celebrate the BMW 2002 than during its 40th anniversary and shortly after the unveil of a Homage Edition at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este.

Now, we’ll admit, we’re a bit late to the party on this occasion, since this particular Drive video was first released back in April. We’re assuming you’ll forgive us though, since the 2002 Matt Farah has his greasy mitts on today is a fully restored, heavily modified track weapon.

As an original, this particular 2002 had its fair share of rust, squeaks and misfiring cylinders. It has since been adopted by tuner specialists Clarion Builds, who have completely reworked it. Yes, the 2-litre four-cylinder under the bonnet is an original, but has since been “massaged’ and had the pistons and valves replaced to up the power by 20 percent, meaning this 2002 now kicks around 105bhp.

Ultimately this meant an updated transmission needed to join the drivetrain, the original four-speed being ditched in favour of a five-speed manual from the 3 Series the 2002 would ultimately pave the way for upon its release in 1976. Suspension tweaks include new sway bars, Eibach springs and KONI strut, while updated Wilwood brake calipers and discs can just be seen peaking out from behind the original, 15in BBS alloys. Inside the leather and floor mats have been updated, and now features new 3 Series seats.

Though ‘old school’, to Matt Farah this BMW 2002 takes a beating and remains “a work horse set up for performance driving.” He does enjoy his run, so much so that alongside this Drive video, Matt has even posted a video on his own SmokingTire YouTube channel, which you can find below.

Enjoy this BMW 2002 video?

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