VIDEO. Around the world in a Ford Model T

A 100-year-old Ford Model T takes on the world.

Ford Model T

A century-old Ford Model T is part of a challenge to drive around the world.

Owners Dirk and Trudy Regter from the Netherlands have owned their 1915 Ford Model T since 1997, and began their journey in the summer of 2012, covering almost 50,000 miles so far.

Powered by a 3.0-litre petrol engine the journey has taken the retired couple from Cape Town to South Africa, and from America and Canada. While on their travels they also supported various projects run by the international children’s aid organisation: SOS – Children’s Villages.

The model is completely unaltered from standard factory spec, with the only exception being larger tyres for the wooden-spoked wheels.

Sadly, the Model T was involved in an accident when it returned to Europe. However, the couple plan to continue their journey through New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, and India, crossing the Himalayas to China, through Mongolia and back to the Netherlands via Central Europe during 2016 and 2017.

Source – Ford Europe

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