VIDEO. A sideways Datsun; what’s not to love?

Ever daydreamed on your way to work? Well, we can pretty much guarantee this guy does it better!

If you’re a regular visitor of crankandpiston, you’ll know that we love the odd drift video, and this is no exception. However, this is a video with a difference.

The clip starts with a suited chap who looks on his way to work, doing the same old boring jaunt of his everyday life. Granted, he’s driving a not-too-shabby Nissan 370Z, but you’re bound to have seen a fair few of these on the road. What makes this video awesome, though, is that it casually flashes to him in full race-mode, drifting a very cool 1975 Datsun 280Z.

Daydreaming at its finest, no?

This 280Z is quite the machine, too. Powered by an early 90s 2.5-litre RB25det twin-cam turbocharged unit, it’s running a fair bit of custom everything, from customer power steering column and custom coilovers, with additional steering angle to improve handling.

And, we just love those wide fender flares!

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