VIDEO. 360-degree drift. Go-pro

Missing track events is now a thing of the past

Go-Pro 360 Camera Array 01

‘GoPro is excited to announce its new 360-degree Camera Array for stereoscopic, spherical content capture.’ Now unless you’re a video editor or have an enormous amount of time on your hands, you probably have no idea what that actually means…

We’ll put it simply: imagine standing in the middle of a track and watching a RPS 13 Silvia – and/or a S14 Zenki Silvia as AJ claims – drifting all around you. THAT is essentially the view you can now get with the new 360-degree Go-Pro Camera Array. Don’t believe us? Just check out the below video and use your mouse to change the angle of the camera. Or for the full effect, open THIS LINK on your smartphone.

I’m curious to know what comes next from Go-Pro. Will they take the 4D cinema experience and allow us to smell the burnt rubber through the lens?

Source: Go-Pro

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