VIDEO. 30 Years of Toyota at Le Mans

From 1985 to 2015, Toyota’s Motorsport has been represented 16 times at Le Mans

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Give or take a couple of sabbaticals in-between, and though the 2015 race didn’t produce quite the result the team wanted, this year’s Le Mans marked the 30th anniversary of Toyota’s first official participation in 1985.

No doubt the current World Endurance Champions will be looking for a more competitive race next year, runners-up spots in 1992, 1994, 1999 and 2013 and a solitary pole position last year are Toyota Motorsport’s highlights as it stands. Though the results have not rolled in, the below video demonstrates there’s been some iconic machines carrying the Toyota name at Le Mans.

– Shots courtesy of Eric Fabre

Year Chassis Qualified Race
1985 No36 (85C-L) 29th 12th
No 38 (85C-L) 22nd DNF (mechanical)
1986 No36 (86C-L) 40th DNF (mechanical)
No38 (86C-L) 30th 20th
1987 No36 (87C-L) 14th DNF (mechanical)
No37 (87C-L) 16th DNF (mechanical)
1988 No36 (88C) 8th 12th
No37 (88C) 10th 24th
1989 No36 (89C-V) 24th DNF (mechanical)
No37 (89C-V) 17th DNF (accident)
No38 (88C) 25th DNF (accident)
1990 No36 (90C-V) 10th 6th
No37 (90C-V) 14th DNF (mechanical)
No38 (90C-V) 16th DNF (mechanical)
1992 No7 (TS010) 3rd DNF (mechanical)
No8 (TS010) 4th 8th
No33 (TS010) 5th 2nd
No34 (92C-V) 11th 9th
No35 (92C-V) 15th 5th
1993 No22 (93C-V) 10th 5th
No25 (93C-V) 12th 6th
No36 (TS010) 2nd 4th
No37 (TS010) 5th DNF (mechanical)
No38 (TS010) 4th 8th
1994 No 1 (94 C-V) 4th 2nd
No4 (94 C-V) 8th 4th
1995 No27 (Supra LM) 30th 14th
1996 No57 (Supra LM) 36th DNF (mechanical)
1998 No27 (TS020) 8th 9th
No28 (TS020) 2nd DNF (accident)
No29 (TS020) 7th DNF (mechanical)
1999 No1 (TS020) 1st DNF (accident)
No2 (TS020) 2nd DNF (accident)
No3 (TS020) 8th 2nd
2012 No7 (TS030 HYBRID) 5th DNF (mechanical)
No8 (TS030 HYBRID) 3rd DNF (accident)
2013 No7 (TS030 HYBRID) 5th 4th
No8 (TS030 HYBRID) 4th 2nd
2014 No7 (TS040 HYBRID) 1st DNF (mechanical)
No8 (TS040 HYBRID) 3rd 3rd

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