London Motoring Film Festival. What’s the best car film of 2016?

Check out the reel for this year’s London Motoring Film Festival. Which of the 45 entries get your vote in 2016?

For any filmmaker, actor or director worth his or her salt, no award means more than the Academy Award, THE red carpet event of the movie world (well, unless you’re Will Smith…). Now the motoring world can celebrate it’s own red carpet affair with the London Motoring Film Festival, the 2016 edition of which will get underway on September 2nd.

Now into its third year, the UK-based event celebrates the best and brightest of the year’s commercial and media-driven film projects, with up to 13th awards to take away, three more than in previous years. This year, more than 45 motoring films are up for contention.

Among the most notable names are Chris Harris (pre-Top Gear) for his ‘Hypercars’ epic starring the Porsche 918 Spyder, the McLaren P1 and LaFerrari. Speaking of the UK’s favourite motoring program (sorry Fifth Gear), Top Gear’s Aston Martin Vulcan video from Yas Marina is also in contention for ‘Best Journalism Film’, alongside Carfection’s ‘Ford Focus R.S.’ Hardly surprising that Luke Huxham features heavily in the ‘Best Creative Film’ category with both Monster Energy and Red Bull, courtesy ‘Battledrift’ and the Ferrari F40 drifting in the snow. Take a look at the contenders for ‘Best Commercial Film’, and you’ll also find Pennzoil’s ‘Joyride’ with a Ferrari 488 GTB, directed by Ozan Biron no less.

2016 London Motoring Film Festival-4

Don’t think though that the 2016 London Motoring Film Festival caters exclusively for independent filmmakers and contractors, since premium and mainstream brands alike are also getting in on the action. Earlier this year, Jaguar presented Fast and Furious star Michelle Rodriguez nailing 200mph (320kph) in an F-TYPE SVR, while McLaren celebrated ’50 Years of F1’ with something other than a specially liveried 570S. Even Porsche got in on the action with its ‘924 GTP Restoration’ video.

Each of the entries was considered by a select judging panel, including the man behind Gumball 3000 Maximillion Cooper, Mr Magnus Walker himself, former Formula 1 driver Tiff Needell, and respected filmmakers Jacques Steyn, Bill Holshevnikoff and Zac Assemakis. Oh, and Speedhunters’ own Bryn Musselwhite is on compère duties.

You can check out the full list of entries and categories HERE, and don’t forget to click play on the above 2016 Reel to see snippets from the contenders.

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