Turbo Volkswagen Beetle cabriolet hits quarter mile in 8.2 seconds

Yes. It’s a Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet. On the quarter mile. And it’s quite fast.


One of the problems with Volkswagen Beetle cabriolets (any generation) is that over the years they’ve unfortunately developed an ‘ideal accessory for Barbie’s Dream House’ kind of reputation. As such, any right thinking red-meat eating male with petrol flowing through his veins is unlikely to find himself caught dead in one unless the boot is stuffed with cash and escape options from the bank job were at a premium.

With this ballistic full-board drag example – put to use at the 2014 Festival of Power at Santa Pod– Richard Webb has given us food for thought. It’s not often you find a car hitting the quarter mile at 269kph and in just 8.2 seconds, let alone a Beetle.

Source – RJ Volks Performance

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