BMW Vision Future Luxury

BMW unveils the future for the 7 Series (maybe): the Vision Future Luxury

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This rather angry looking creation could spell the future for the BMW 7 Series, although you wouldn’t necessarily know it by its cryptic name: the BMW Vision Future Luxury.

Yes, sarcasm.

As has been the tendency with BMW design visions in the past (step forward Chris Bangle), the angrily crafted look of the new concept is likely to split BMW fanboys right down the middle. Saying that though, we rather like it. Based in principle on the Pininfarina Gran Lusso concept model, the newboy sports super thin ‘Laserlight’ headlamps, a raunchy air-intakey front end, some beautifully strong bodylines and what BMW calls the ‘long, set-back greenhouse’, as well as

traditionally oversized alloys and ridiculously slimmed down wing mirrors. In an effort to keep weight down where possible, the cabin has been fashioned with carbon onto which the traditional fine leather and wood trim have been etched. Although powertrain options are still up for debate, the eDrive badge on the bootlid suggests that a plug-in hybrid model can’t be too far away.

And that just leaves one question: the name. As BMW’s current luxury top dog, the new design study will at some point become the new 7 Series, due a refresh following the current generation’s unveil back in 2008. However, given BMW’s habit of releasing new model lines seemingly regardless of market, it’s possible the Vision Future Luxury may yet become the off-speculated 8 Series in an attempt to knock the Mercedes-Benz S Class off its perch once and for all.

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