Infiniti G37S. Testing The Mettle. The Management Fleet

The Management Fleet Infiniti G37S Coupé has proven a bit of an eye-opener here at crankandpiston. Marketed as a mid-sized luxury sports coupé, it fulfills the luxury aspect nicely with an interior that combines the usual mix of high quality leather and solid plastics complemented by aluminium accents (with a texture that is said to simulate Japanese Washi paper). Now, at the risk of sounding a little blasé, this is what we have come to expect from Infiniti.

The styling of the exterior is understated and elegant and, with the exception of the obligatory chrome-effect grille, there is no hint of faux bling that unnecessarily tarts-up the G. The overall appearance is of a mature, well-built and refined coupé that, judging by a large increase in recent sales figures, is obviously appealing to a particular segment of society.

The G37S Coupé however is positioned within the Infiniti brand as the most driver orientated car in the current line-up and first impressions have not disappointed. Quick acceleration combined with a well-balanced chassis is always a winning combination, but the icing on this particular coupé cake is the sharp steering with plentiful feedback.

Frustratingly, the opportunity to really test its mettle has so far eluded me, since local drives have been confined within Dubai’s rather bland road network. Time to resolve this situation, take the G out of its natural urban habitat and head for some challenging roads. With nothing more than my trusty Canon and a brimming tank of high octane, I set off with only the vaguest destination in mind and a determination to put the G through its paces.

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