Hot Rod Pedal Cars. Childsplay, For The Grown-Ups

Want one?

We don’t blame you. There are several fully-grown and sometimes mature blokes at crankandpiston currently wishing they were three feet shorter just so they could have a go. And yes, that includes me.

But how much would you be willing to pay for a go in one of these pedal-powered beauties then? $100? $300? Perhaps you’re feeling flush and you’ll go as high as $500? Even then you’re still some way off, since this particular model, which was recently put up for auction, has a starting bid of $12,000. To put that in perspective, we’re in Toyota Yaris starting price area here.

And what pray would you be getting for this chunk of dosh? Why a replica of a 1932 Ford Salt Flat Racer (built by Rad Rides by Troy), complete with moon disc wheels and customized suspension. Quite how terrifying these must have felt at 200kph across the Bonneville Salt Flats remains to be seen.

And that’s just the opening chink of these particular floodgates. Hollywood Hot Rods have produced a 1932 Ford (a Hot Rod, obviously) complete with uncovered ‘engine’ and duvall split windscreen, while the ’32 model from Steve’s Auto Restorations has its own leather upholstery.

So it seems there’s plenty of choice nowadays to please the child within. It does mean that pocket money will need a bit of a hike too though.

– Shots courtesy of RM Auctions

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