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In this latest from CarTorque, a classic Porsche is brought up to date with one thing in mind – racing.


The Porsche 356 is a forerunner to everything we love about Porsche today – the company’s first production car in 1950 and the ancestor of the 911.

Ron Goodman, from Sydney, Australia, wanted to build a Porsche 356 to race at the Monterey Classic meeting at Laguna Seca, California. By sheer coincidence, he mentioned this to an acquaintance he’d met at Le Mans, who said he had one. In his back yard.

The car needed a heck of a lot of work to get race ready. The chassis needed to be remade, but needed to comply with historic racing rules. Thankfully Ron and his team managed to get hold of original Porsche drawings and jigging that helped them get it to factory spec.

There are a few concessions to modern racing, such as a modern fuel cell, exhaust and engine internals, but Ron has worked closely to keep everything legit – as many parts as possible are original while still being ready to race. The brakes, for example, are taken from the 356 Carrera GT.

The result is a piece of history brought into the modern age, with period features but three times the original 55bhp power output. The result 356 Outlaw race car is a Porsche that can mix it with the big boys of historic racing around the world. And it’s not for sale.

Source: Car Torque

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