The best of SEMA 2013. Something for everyone

All the highlights from the world’s most famous tuning show – SEMA 2013.

Photo MD SEMA 2013

Sad you missed out on SEMA 2013? We were – the world’s foremost tuning and custom car show is one we’ve been wanting to get to for a while. If only it wasn’t on the other side of the planet in the US. Dang.

Still, the guys from Photo MD Media were there, with their cameras and microphones, and they put together this awesome video showing off the highlights from SEMA 2013, and giving an idea of the range of stuff on display. From Mk2 VW Golfs and BMW E30s to the latest high-end supercars, plus classic and modern race cars, there’ll be something here that grabs your fancy. And if not, just check out all the cool aftermarket stuff that’s about to go on sale. Start making a shopping list…

Source: PhotoMD Media on Vimeo

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