Tesla tweets Model 3 teaser

Tesla has teased the first image (sort of) of the new Model 3 model.


Tesla Motors has revealed the first image of its new Model 3 model, which is expected to make its official debut in California on March 31.

The teaser image was posted on Twitter. The shot showed little more than a blacked out silhouette of the Model 3 sat next to the Model S and Model X, however you can see that the car is similar to the Model S in shape (from the front), with a lower roofline.

As the Model S has a 0-62mp of 5.7seconds, the new Model 3 is expected to be even quicker, as it will be slightly smaller and lighter.

Despite pricing details not being confirmed, it is expected that the model will be the brand’s most affordable saloon yet, with a starting price of $35,000.

A select few will be able to place orders for the model from March 31, but order books are set to officially open on April 1, through the brand’s official website.

Customer deliveries are not expected until next year.

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