Hot Wheels celebrates Women’s History Month with new models

Hot Wheels is celebrating Women’s History Month with the announcement of some pretty unique new models.

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Hot Wheels is celebrating Women and Women’s History Month with the unveil of some interesting scale models.

The company is offering a collectable set of new 1/64 scale diecast models – all in celebration of some of the most powerful and best, fictional females.

First up, from Star Wars is Maz Kanata who gets her own little model. Next up are two Marvel designs paying homage to Black Widow (Porsche 918) and Wasp (an insect-like model). And finally, Wonder Woman with a car that features all of the colours from her superhero costume.

It has yet to be revealed when these actual models are set for sale, but keep your eyes out on the Hot Wheels website if you fancy one or all four of these models.

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