Tensai Tuning // Egyptian Autocross

Autocross takes many forms around the world, from the very open and technical SCCA track layouts in the US, to the ridiculously tight layouts used in European Autotesting, to the neo-drifting style of Japanese Gymkhana (aped in style on the intertubes of late my a certain Mr. Ken Block).

Here’s a look at the Egyptian flavor of autocross then, featuring driver Fadi Bikawi of up and coming Abu Dhabi based tuning outfit Tensai Tuning. Those with a long memory will remember Fadi’s exploits in the now-defunct Redline Challenge in Dubai, as well as in the Rumman Hillclimb in Jordan last year.

It appears that Fadi’s still got the skills, as the Tensai Tuning team took the win at this particular event against the best that Egypt could muster.

Check out the Egyptian track layout above, then feel free to click through for the in-car view of Fadi’s winning run.

It takes a minute or two for the action to start but if you’ve ever participated in an Autocross event before you’ll know what happens during that short, quiet moment waiting on the starting signal. Adrenaline glands pumping, the track layout playing in your head as you simultaneously clear your mind.

Here you go then. That, folks, is what we call precision car control.

Visit http://tensaituning.com/blog/?p=438 for the full story.

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