Tank Moto. Beautiful Bike Awesomeness

From the people that bring you Fuel Magazine, Tank Moto is a very swanky new publication bringing you the best in bike culture from Australia and around the world.

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We just got a package in the mail. Inside was the latest copy of Fuel Magazine – a publication we’re already familiar with – and a new one, with a sexy picture of a replica Honda CR750 racer on the cover. It’s the premiere edition of Tank Moto, a new mag from Fuel Press in Australia.

The introduction of Tank Moto follows a well-received motorcycle-heavy issue of Fuel a couple of years ago that prompted Fuel’s Luke Ray to expand into a new mag. The result looks at custom bike builds around Australia, as well as visits to workshops, events and artists, with top-notch photography and great copy.

This kind of thing is right up crankandpiston’s street – we wish the Tank Moto crew all the best and encourage all of you with any interest in bikes to check out a copy. For more info, visit Fuel Press here.

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