SRT Grand Cherokee. CEO Ralph Gilles. Circuit of the Americas

SRT CEO Ralph Gilles explains the virtues of the brand whilst lapping the Circuit of the Americas at speed in an SRT Grand Cherokee.

We’re beginning to think we’ve massively underestimated the job of a car company CEO. Hitherto we’d assumed that the main responsibility, aside from public appearances, rubber stamping the cheques and boring into us why he/she believes their particular brand is ‘the most exciting/dynamic/luxurious’ commodity on offer.

Talk with SRT CEO Ralph Gilles though and he’ll tell you there’s much more to the job than that. Donning a helmet, grabbing the new SRT Jeep Grand Cherokee by the scruff of the neck and throwing it around several high-speed laps of the Circuit of the Americas in Texas is just one.

Why not the new Viper, we’re not too sure. But it looks like business meetings on the golf course is a thing of the past.

Source – Darkcar

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