Slow-mo awesome. Bouncy bouncy Super Stadium Trucks.

Leaps, bounds, bounces, slides, crashes. It’s the Super Stadium Trucks! Yaaaay!


We love motorsport at We love the challenge of the World Endurance Championship, the technical boundaries pushed by Formula 1 and the paint-trading action of touring cars and NASCAR.

But we really, really love the Super Stadium Trucks series. Why? Well, watch this video and you’ll see exactly why. Because it’s wall-to-wall awesome, and it’s even better in slow motion.

If you’re unfamiliar with Super Stadium Trucks, it’s a race series of identical, purpose-built race trucks designed to look like TRAXXAS radio-controlled trucks, after the company that sponsors the series. With 600bhp though, they’re far from slow. Oh, and did we mention the tracks have jumps in them? Oh yeah.

Source: Drive

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