Slammed Mazda3. Kevin Ehm. Static Sympathy

Kevin Ehm’s Mazda3 will have its lovers and its haters. But which are you?


When we stumbled across this particular video, we questioned whether or not we should post it since the chances of it splitting the room was high.

For the lovers, we have an artistic vignette of Kevin Ehm’s specced Mazda3: darker than dark (with a dash of red five-spoke tinsel) with some of the most impressive negative camber we’ve come across in a while. That and suspension slammed completely to the asphalt which won it a full feature on Stancenation

For the haters, you may enjoy the tortured screams of the underfloor as it is bumped over speed hump after speed hump after speed hump.

Source – Chris Petruccio Photography

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