Skoda VisionC. Green message…quite literally

Skoda unveils the incredibly green VisionC Desigm Concept. Excuse me whilst I pay a quick visit to my opticians.


We’re starting to wonder if lime green/retina melting colour schemes are the only way manufacturers feel they can push their latest design studies. SRT re-introduced the Incredible Hulk in early January, albeit under the Viper Stryker Green moniker. Nissan sent shockwaves – and a little nausea – when it teased the brand new Juke a couple of days ago, complete with fire…ish. Now Skoda is giving it a go with an updated look at its VisionC five-door coupé design study.


Look past the fisher price paintwork and you can probably see where this is headed. The Skoda VisionC, which ‘emphasises the traditional brand’s expertise in design and engineering’, boasts the traditional sharp lines, awesome multi-pronged alloys and definitely not road legal stance and headlight design of any self-respecting concept, even if it won’t be making an appearance at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.


And bearing mind the render the Czech manufacturer floated onto the interwebs a few weeks ago, the new design study – if taken all the way to production – does have the potential to be something of a looker (hey, they said Hyundai and Kia could never do it and look at them now…). It could even, bearing in mind the concept boasts Skoda’s first five-door coupé chassis, have the ability to shift and (gasp, horror) corner properly.

Then again, the only full information Skoda is releasing at the moment concerns the 9.1g/km CO2 emissions and the 108hp 1.4-litre turbo engine under the bonnet. One ‘green message’ that’s a little on the nose, don’t you think?

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