Rossi in the Rain. Rally Monza

Valentino Rossi, going sideways, in the rain, in slow motion. What’s not to like?


Most people know of Valentino Rossi from his incredible exploits on a motorbike, winning multiple MotoGP world titles and generally being a bit of a global icon for fans of two-wheeled racing.

But the Italian is also a bit handy on four wheels too. He had a try out for the Ferrari F1 team a few years ago, but these days he gets his car fix from rallying. Rossi showcased those skills at the annual Rally Monza event in Italy, where tens of thousands people turn up to see side-by-side rally action around the legendary Monza race track.

Rossi was again a huge draw at this year’s event, despite the inclement weather, although he had to settle for second place behind former F1 star Robert Kubica. There was also an appearance by a certain Mr K Block.

Check out this teaser from the event, produced by Italy’s Arproductions Films. It gives a brief, but very cool insight into one of Italy’s coolest motorsport dates.

Source: Arproductions Films

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