Road-legal KTM X-Bow GT2 announced – 600bhp racer to hit the road

KTM has road-legalised its track-only X-Bow GT2 to take on the BAC Mono R and Radical Rapture

KTM has revealed a new road-legal version of its X-Bow GT2, a carbonfibre racer that competes in various GT-class racing series across the world. Aiming to convert its all-out racer to comply with road homologation rules, the Austrian firm is beginning a long development process before first examples hit the road in the next few years. Pricing is yet to be announced, but expect it to sit marginally higher than the $335,000 of the X-Bow GT2 track car.

The X-Bow GT2, not to be confused with the original road-going X-Bow, was launched in 2020 to compete in the new GT2 class; the model already holds a number of race wins and a championship title to its name. Powered by Audi’s turbocharged 2.5-litre five-cylinder, 600bhp and 531lb ft of torque is sent through a limited-slip differential to the rear wheels – tweaks to the injection valves, wastegate, intake and exhaust system courtesy of Lehmann Motorentechnik were behind the rise in power, but KTM claims costly reinforcement of components is not required.

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Such figures are even more impressive when you consider its 1048kg dry weight, achieved through the use of a cabonfibre monocoque and CFRP bodywork. KTM says it will focus on safety for the road-going variant, including the same reinforced forward-opening ‘fighter jet’ canopy as the racer and a full crash testing programme.

It’s not yet confirmed how much the road car will share with the racer, but given the small amount of modification required to achieve such output and the tried and tested safety systems already in place, it’s likely KTM won’t change much. The only element confirmed to have received the axe is the six-speed sequential transmission, swapped for a more conventional seven-speed direct shift unit.

Further details will be announced as development gets underway.

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