Dubai Roadster. The real deal?

‘Dubai Roadster’ rendering hits the interwebs, but how seriously should we take it?


For those of us who thought the 5000hp Devel Sixteen visually impressive but about as realistic a prospect as Piers Morgan doing the world a favour and quitting ‘show business’, the new Dubai Roadster has opened the floodgates once again.

It’s an impressive concept/rendering, one powered – as speculation suggests – by a mid-mounted V8 chucking out the best part of 400hp and capable of hitting 0-100kph in an estimated 3.5 seconds. Rumours that this could be a new BAC Mono and KTM X-Bow rival seem about right. Like the Devel Sixteen, the Roadster also promotes Expo 2020 as part of its livery.


Ah, but there in lies the catch. Impressive as the newboy is, no solid details have arisen, WorldCarFan souring the unidentified ‘Mariam’ in its breaking news piece, while the project’s creative director is simply referred to as ‘an Emirati racer’.

Cynicism? A tad. Cool as the design is (touted for a 2015 Dubai Motor Show release), we’ll not get our hopes up just yet.

*Hat tip to WorldCarFans


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