RMA Trackday Silverstone. Not your average crowd…

What cars would you expect to turn up at a track day at Silverstone?

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That’s the thing with RMA Track Days: you’ve never really sure what’s going to turn up.

There’s the inevitable BMW M3 of course, shadowed as the guys are in their enthusiasm by Lotus Exiges, Porsche 911s and the occasional Skyline. But, as we found out with M7M in Bahrain, Fast Auto in France, and even a Sunday Morning Drive in Hong Kong, every so often the pickings can be so much juicier. Timing screens and apex cornering speed rather goes out the window when the prospect of a Ferrari V12 howling its guts to shreds around a Grand Prix circuit is up for grabs.

Jealous? Yep. Much jealousy.

– Shots (complete with retro look) courtesy of Luke Gilbertson


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