Ridge Park Speed Hot Rod. Life with ‘The 40’

Ridge Park Speed The 40-03

• Original Chevrolet cab features a 6” chopped top and 3” channel over the chassis

• Built-from-scratch bed with bead-rolled body line, original style bed stakes, louvered aluminum accent panels and bed floor (900 louvers in this truck)

• 1932 Ford grill shell – reproduction by Brookville Roadster Co.
o Fabricated aluminum grill insert (reminiscent of a salt flats style grill insert)

• Original dash – shifter has been incorporated into the dash

• New floor pans, transmission tunnel, and door panels with custom bead rolling
o Bead rolling in floor pans and transmission tunnel match the original bead rolling in the center of the dashboard

• Paint by Washington Blue by Howey and Son; Louisville, KY

• Pinstriping by Kent Hansford; Louisville, KY

Ridge Park Speed The 40-05

• Box tube chassis with tapered front frame horns featuring lightening holes

• Unique parallel leaf front suspension

• 1935 Plymouth tubular axle (hard to find)


• 454 cubic inch Chevy Big Block engine
o Factory internals
o Cal-Custom finned aluminum valve covers
o Intake manifold built using a Buick aluminum brake drum

• Powerglide transmission by Jim Decker Racing Transmissions; Louisville, KY


• One-of-a-kind 20” artillery rear wheels. These were built in house at Ridge Park Speed and are the only set like them around.

• Front wheels are 17” Chevy artillery

• Tires are Firestone 5.50-17 fronts and 6.50-20 from Coker tyre

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