RedLine Time Attack. Pahrump NV. USA

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Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch, Pahrump, Nevada. Sounds like an absolute mouth full doesn’t it! But if you had the opportunity to be there you would even be looking at the sign and wondering how it is pronounced….A beautiful purpose built facility in the middle of the Nevada desert.

Time Attack is one of those events/Series’ in the US that is getting more and more of my attention. Without being played out like Drifting seems to be getting, it pit’s man, team and machine against the stop watch. It is a far throw from Redline Time Attack that used to be hosted in the UAE and actually represents a section of Motorsport that very much needs to be fulfilled!!

Anyone want to help deliver it?

P.S – The noise that 350 makes is intoxicating!

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  1. What gets me about time attack racing, and why I think it could he huge here, is the sheer creativity and diversity of the cars you get. Just wild wild mad stuff.

    If there’s anything that might pull the truly crazy guys off the streets or away form the drag strips and onto the circuit it’d have to be time attack style events – there’s a lunatic streak for wild cars and big speed in the UAE but not everybody wants to get into touring car racing.

    If even a handful of the cars I’ve seen around here and there in this country ever showed up at a single time attack event it’d be epic. I do hope things relax a bit rules wise and that it happens someday.

    I might even have a little something in store to offer for that…a little turbo bug is nibbling away at my insides as we speak.