Red Bull Car Park Drift. Jordan Qualifier 2013. Roaring Engines

Red Bull Car Park Drift heads back to Jordan for more qualifying action. And crashes.

Abdo Feghali - Action

The Red Bull Car Park Drift circus continued its momentum across the region with a qualifying bout in Jordan just one week after the finals in Saudi Arabia. However, whilst Amir Mansour in Jeddah reigned supreme after a demonic run aboard the Nissan 350Z, competitors alongside the Dead Sea found barriers. Lots, and lots of barriers, in one of Red Bull’s most challenging arenas yet.

Even the incomparable experience of Abdo Feghali, one-time Guinness World Record holder and face of the Red Bull Car Park Drift scene, couldn’t stop several competitors belting the barriers with an almost relenting wave of BMW 3-Series in a competitive outing for all concerned.

Nightfall may not necessarily have helped visibility, but it certainly helped get the crowd going.

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