VIDEO. Rebellion R2K. Supercar drifting uphill on snow

What happens when a supercar – namely Jon Olsson’s Rebellion R2K – drives up a ski slope?

If there’s something we really don’t see enough of, it’s videos of an LMP prototype being thrashed up a ski slope, throwing the back end as it does for good measure.

You probably won’t see this 600hp, 1000kg monster taking the green flag at Le Mans anytime soon, since the Rebellion R2K is principally an Ultima GTR with a brand new bodykit. You probably will see it though at the 2014 Gumball 3000, this run being used as an impromptu test run. The R2K had originally been slated to take part in the 2011 Gumball (it’s been part of the Jon Olsson arsenal since being teased in 2010) only for the plug to be pulled at the 11th hour.

If you’re also wondering why a sportscar driving up a ski slope seems so familiar, last time we featured was a Nissan GT-R being chased by snowmobiles…

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