AMS Performance. 220kph Hearse on the quarter mile

AMS Performance sends a hearse down the drag strip. At 220kph.


Occasionally a drag strip run will make you sit up and go ‘huh?’. Once in a blue moon though a drag strip run will make you it up and go, ‘what the actual hell?’. AMS Performance has done just that with its latest run. With a hearse.

Yes, you did read that right.

Convention normally dictates that your passage from one world into the next is undertaken at a steady, solemn pace. With a new 2.26 second 0-100kph run and the quarter mile done in 9.94 seconds (that’s 220kph) in the ‘Madness’ hearse boasting 1000HP and 23psi of boost through General Motors’ 6.0-litre LQ4 V8, AMS Performance clearly hasn’t got the idea at all.

Still, it’s a hell of a way to make the journey.

Source – AMS Performance

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