VIDEO. Peugeot Exalt Concept

Peugeot debuts the Exalt Concept. Bit of a looker, ain’t it?!

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Someone’s clearly given Peugeot a kick in the bumper. From seemingly out of nowhere the French firm has gone from extreme levels of ‘meh’ with its road-going to family shifters to an all new ballpark with some of its latest concepts. The Peugeot Onyx knocked us bandy when it first appeared (despite scepticism that it would never be built) as did both the 270bhp 308 R Concept and the RCZ R, the fastest road going Peugeot ever made. Now les garçons et les filles and the design easel have thrown another stunner our way in the shape of the new Exalt Concept.

Look past the ‘experience’ is apparently the journey and underneath you’ll find some similarities between the Exalt and the Oryx. The Gallic newboy for instance comes with an impressive array of materials, including natural wool-based ‘chiné’ mixed fabric, aged leather, bare steel and ebony in the cabin. The exterior is your usual blend of hand-beaten steel, except for the rear, which has been melded from ‘Shark Skin’. Presumably you can dip it in the bath.

Technical details? No idea. All we’ve got to go on at the moment is that the Exalt boasts a high-tech HYbrid4 drivetrain, which combines the RCZ’s 266bhp 1.6-litre four-cylinder and a 50kW motor at the rear for a total output of 340bhp. Power from the inline-four goes to the front axle via a six-speed manual (yep, MANUAL) gearbox while the rear is driven by the electric motor.

More details are expected from Peugeot when the Exalt Concept makes its full debut on April 20. We’re not too sure how a shark on the arse and a lion are able to co-exist though…

Source – Peugeot

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